La política urbana metropolitana frente a la globalización

José Luis Coraggio


The latin-american metropolis may attempt to redefine the meaning
of urban policies from the perspective of sustainable human development.
To do that they must mobilize the strengts ofthe extended reproduction of
life with the same conviction and political will with which the market forces
were set free, fostering a third pole of the urban economy - next to the
capitalist entrepeneurial economy and the public economy -: "the popular
economy". This requires a redirection in the actions and resources used
today in an assistentialist manner, promoting in exchange new selfsustainable
economic structures, as well as cultural institutions and guide
lines coherents with integrator development and effective democratization.
In the consolidation process of the refered pole the necessary corrections
of the macropolitics will be solidifying. Because of their weight and capacity
of creating new sinergies, essential for reintegrating an anomic and
fragmenting system, the metropolitan cities may contribute, as protagonist
actors, to the requisition and viability of a new societary project for the
next century.


Política econômica; Política urbana; Globalização

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ISSN 1980-2668